Our Work

BestFit for IBM

IBM sponsors regional conferences on the evolving future of work technology. While the conferences are well attended, IBM wanted to improve their ability to maintain effective contact with attendees post-event. BestFit enabled IBM to distribute a scientifically-designed personality questionnaire with entertaining questions, concluding with delightful personality profiles.

43.6% of visitors participated in the survey.

The data collected enables IBM to conduct deep, smart segmentation of their attendee list for efficient follow-up communication.

BestFit for IsraCard

IsraCard is Israel’s largest credit card issuer. With over 4 million accounts, it is challenging to know which value propositions would resonate with which segments. IsraCard sent 15,000 customers a questionnaire scientifically designed to uncover key behavioral predictors, while simultaneously providing an entertaining experience, and achieving an extraordinary completion rate of 400% above industry average.

BestFit provided Isracard with detailed, valuable insights about customers’ decision-making habits, critical insights consistently missing from traditional data, positioning IsraCard to provide the right offer to the right customer at the right time.

BestFit for WISE Employment

WISE Employment, an Australian nonprofit that provides employment services to people with disabilities, serves over 10,000 people annually. WISE was searching for an accurate way to to choose ideal scaleable methods of support for each applicant while gauging the success of employee-employer matches. BestFit positioned WISE to provide a fun personality questionnaire to applicants, resulting in data that culminates in a deep understanding of each individual. This empowers WISE to select the most effective means of supporting each client toward reaching his or her goals.